I teach a bunch of classes in public libraries.  I love teaching in libraries because I can reach people who wouldn’t necessarily ever go to a yoga studio.  They feel the library is more welcoming and more their style.  In support of the overall mission of libraries, I always include a reading in these classes.  Sometimes I choose a selection of a longer work but I like poetry because it’s a complete short thought.  I try to choose poems that support the theme of that day’s practice.  This is a list of many of the poems from the second half of 2018.  I hope these poems support your yoga practice and inspire you.

Poems to support your yoga practice:

To My Child by Fu Tianlin from Women of the Red Plain.

Adventures in New Testament Greek: Nous by Scott Cairns from Compass of Affection: Poems, New and Selected  – This is a lovely yoga poem as it’s about embodied breath

The Chase by Rupi Kaur from The Sun and Her Flowers

A Thought When Noon is Hot by Harley Graves

Priceless Gifts by Anna Swir from The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness and Joy

Taking the Hands by Robert Bly

A Thanksgiving Meditation by Naomi King from the Unitarian Universalists Association

Selections from longer works to support your yoga practice:

A selection from the Inspiration and Aspiration post from the Zen Habits blog

A selection from Life’s Journeys According to Mister Rogers: Things to Remember Along the Way

Readings from Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

If you’d like to review other compilations of readings from my library classes see:

Yoga Poetry

Yoga Quotes

Poetry for Yoga Class Readings

Cover of the book, Water Yoga a Teacher's Guide which shows a woman in the pool wearing an orange sun shirt and black sun pants in a modified version of Eagle pose during aqua yoga.

If you want to read my original work, look for Water Yoga, coming July 2022.

woman holding a glass globe that you can see a forest through to illustrate poems to support your yoga practice

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Books purchased through these links cost you the same amount.  I will get a tiny commission that I use to support my yoga book habit.  Thanks for your consideration.



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