April is National Poetry Month sponsored by The Academy of American Poets so you might be searching for the perfect poetry for yoga for your classes.

I love teaching yoga at my local public libraries.  In the spirit of the library, I share a poetry reading with each of my library classes.  Here’s a partial list of what I shared this year.

Poetry for Yoga

Walking Across a Field We Are Focused on at This Time Now by Sara Wintz

Reflective by A. R. Ammons read from The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness and Joy

A selection from A Gift from the Sea

A Short Story of Falling by Alice Oswald

From Constant Change Figures by Lynn Hejinian

Day Bath by Debra Spencer read from She Walks in Beauty

Pollen by Michael Waters

With Spring in Our Flesh by Don Welch

Enough by Katie Peterson from Accounts

The Face by Franz Wright

Keeping Things Whole by Mark Strand from Collected Poems

I Saw by Vojislav Karanovic from The Horse Has Six Legs

A selection on loving Presence from Thich Nhat Hanh’s The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh

More Poetry for yoga ideas:

Yoga poetry that I shared in 2016

Poems to Support Your Yoga Practice

Yoga Poetry for Class Readings

Most of the above links go to the Poetry Foundation’s website which has a wonderful searchable database of poems.

Cover of the book, Water Yoga a Teacher's Guide which shows a woman in the pool wearing an orange sun shirt and black sun pants in a modified version of Eagle pose during aqua yoga.

If you want to read my original work, look for Water Yoga, coming July 2022.

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Books purchased through these links cost you the same amount.  I will get a tiny commission that I use to support my yoga book habit.  Thanks for your consideration.


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