Pool Meditation

Mini - Course

Relax and rejuvenate with this easy to use course                                                          

Life gets stressful, complicated and hard.

Are you feeling...

  • Stressed?
  • Tired?
  • Burnt out?

Just take me away...

The Pool Meditation     Mini - Course

Woman in the pool with two pool noodles

is For anyone who wants a new way to relax

If you're tired and stressed, all you need is access to a pool, a float tank, the ocean, or your bathtub to feel better with these meditation tools.  

Reclined meditations in the water are great for people who are fidgety, distracted meditators, or who can't get on and off the ground (like people with joint replacements), or can't lay on their back (like pregnant ladies).

woman doing childs pose in the pool with two pool noodles

is for anyone who wants to have fun outdoors

Research tells us mindfulness and meditation activities outdoors are more effective than indoors.  Plus it's more fun. Especially after so long inside because of COVID, try destressing outdoors with this easy course.

Meditation returns you to your natural state

Relaxed, Calm, and Confident

That's why this whole course is designed around everyone's favorite part of an aqua yoga class.

The relaxing, blissful part

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Easy to use Resources

You get access to all these great resources so you can start relaxing immediately

Guided Meditations

Three 10-minute audio guided meditations which you can take to the pool, a float tank, the bathtub, or use on land.  

  • Grace meditation for creating a space of self compassion.
  • Tropical beach visualization to take a mental vacation despite a travel ban.
  • Elements meditation so we can navigate our regular lives with as much grace as the pool.

Restorative Aqua Yoga Video

25-minute video of a restorative aqua yoga practice.  Perfect for when you want to relax and bliss out with some mindful movement.  

The movements are slow and supported by two noodles to take advantage of the supportive nature of the water.

Moving Meditation

If you need a quick mindfulness moment or it's too cold to float, a 6-minute moving meditation video is included.

This is great for a more public environment as well.

Course Workbook

22-page workbook with all the directions for using the materials, choosing a floating meditation position, journaling activities, and resources for more ideas and perspectives. 

The workbook keeps the materials relevant long-term.

Helene, Aqua Yoga Student

"I love using the noodles. I feel more secure with two. The relaxation is divine. I feel like I'm floating in the clouds. I love the videos you do! ”

Tracy, Aqua Yoga Student

“My favorite was savasana with 3 noodles. I'm not a floater, so having all 3 gave me the feeling of security.
I also tried with 2 dear friends and they were totally relaxed and in true peace. ”

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Christa Fairbrother

I'm an aquatic therapist who specializes in aqua yoga coaching and training. Being passionate about aquatic exercise and the traditions of yoga, I've seen a need for bringing the perspectives of yoga into other activities in the pool. I created this course is for anyone who loves spending time in the pool, and is interested in making that time more mindful.

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