Reduce back pain with yoga blankets

reduce back pain with yoga

reduce back pain with yoga

I wrote an article for the Yoga Goodies blog.

“If you’re the sort of yogi who goes to a lot of flow classes, you’ve potentially never used a yoga blanket. Maybe you’ve reached the point where you’d like to try yoga for more stress relieving purposes, or you’ve been struggling with some back pain.  Props like yoga blankets, help you as you slow down and go deeper in your practice and help you stay out of pain by customizing the amount of stretch you’re getting.

First, a word about how to fold a yoga blanket. Most people approach a yoga blanket like folding sheets at home, and fold it horizontally first, to get it off the floor. That results in the edges going the wrong way to offer you enough support. The first three folds in a yoga blanket are always in a vertical direction. So, your first vertical fold makes it long and skinny like a yoga mat, your second makes it into a large flat area you could use to pad your knees, and your third vertical fold brings it into a ‘flat fold’ which is a good starting point. Some studios store blankets in this flat fold position or fold it one more time for a double fold…”


To read the full post and find ways to reduce back pain with yoga blankets, visit the Yoga Goodies website HERE.


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