Shoulder flexibility with Aqua Yoga

woman doing shoulder stretch with a pool noodle in the pool

We all spend too much time on our devices and most of us could use better posture. Here’s a pose for improving shoulder flexibility.

Starting in Mountain Pose, use one pool noodle. As you inhale, bring the noodle overhead. Exhale, drop it down towards the water behind you.

Your arms will need to be straight to make this happen. If you lack shoulder flexibility and have bent elbows, you won’t be able to make this happen. You can let go of the noodle with one hand instead. Alternate which side of the noodle you let go with. Or you can take it as far back as you can with bent elbows.

If it’s appropriate, you can raise it up overhead and hold it there with the appropriate amount of stretch for you. Hold the noodle above you head as long as you want.

Repeat this as many times as you want.

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If you are ready to increase your shoulder flexibility, you’ll want to do it in the context of a full practice sequence. Buy my one noodle laminated sequence, so you can increase your shoulder flexibility.

This laminated aqua yoga sequence is great for beginners as it’s a gentle aqua yoga sequence for opening your hips, increasing your balance, and building confidence in the pool.

If you get in the pool and try one of my how to videos, you might enjoy this one pose that will increase shoulder flexibility, but then what? It takes some work, support, and guidance to establish an aqua yoga practice. That’s what my aqua yoga online course is about. It’s a one month course that provides you four weeks of resources like aqua yoga videos, audio, workbook, and printed materials plus the support to move your aqua yoga practice into the pool. Join my Intro to Aqua Yoga online course before it closes July 19th.


I'm a yoga teacher who specializes in making yoga accessible for those with chronic health conditions in the pool and on land. My teaching style is engaging, responsive and fun.  Read my full bio HERE.

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