Sounds are often thought of as barriers to meditation, but they can also be an asset.  Just like your breath or heartbeat has a regularity to it.  The consistency of a sound can help you stay focused.  It’s a repeating invitation to come back to your practice in the face of bigger distractions. 

The sound you hear can override your internal chatter and demand you come back to focusing on it.

Your internal running dialogue becomes too broken up to try and continue.

Think of a water sound that has a very regular rhythm, like the lap of the water’s chop against the hull of a boat. 

I really


Should move


To a cheaper




I’m never


Going to


Pay off


What’s the point of getting distracted by wandering thoughts?    You can’t focus on them because the sounds around you are so incessant that they require your undivided attention.

Acknowledge the jolt.  Use it to come back to your practice.  Don’t be distracted by sounds.  Instead, use them as allies against your distracting thoughts.

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Close up a boat hull at the waterline. The photo is centered on the prow of the boat and shows a rope dangling into the water. More of the photo is the reflection of the blue and white boat in the water than the boat itself to show how sound can be an ally during a meditation practice.



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