Desiring Easter Bees

Last summer I wrote a post about the discipline of bees which you can read here.  It focused on the yogic principle of tapas.  I was reminded of the importance of this again recently when I went outside and out of habit did the headcheck to look over to the hives. 

Except the hives are not there.  My bees died in January.

One hive was weakened by mites but I have no idea what caused the stronger hive to die.  Here’s a picture of two frames from inside the hives.  For perspective, note the color is not nice beeswax yellow.  There weren’t enough bees to keep the hive clean.

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It’s hard to claim you’re a beekeeper when you have no bees.  I’m not ready to give up on the hobby yet so I bit the bullet and ordered bees.  I am trying two new breeds, Buckfast and a Russian hybrid.  They both have good reputations so it will be an experiment.  They won’t be delivered til May so I can’t call them Easter bees.  A friend who I gifted bees to last year, is going to return the favor and is going to give me some bees.  We’ll get that worked out for next month and I’ll be a beekeeper again.

Easter, being the holiday of renewal will give me a fresh bee perspective.  I will move forward lightly keeping sutra 1.15 in mind.   “Renunciation is the practice of detachment from desires.”  No matter how much I desire a good beekeeping year, many things are outside of my control.  Craving does not make me a better beekeeper or yogi.



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