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Aqua Yoga Basics Audio Sequence


The Aqua Yoga Basics Audio Sequence will teach you how to do aqua yoga with basic postures like Sun Salutations so you can get the benefits of aqua yoga such as stress relief, reduced pain, and improving your balance.

The Aqua Yoga Basics Audio Sequence will get you practicing aqua yoga.  It includes a warm-up, 18 aqua yoga poses, and a floating meditation. It improves your body awareness, challenges your balance, and builds strength.  One of the best things about aqua yoga is its effects on your nervous system, so you can use this for stress relief and to relax.

This sequence was produced in partnership with Fitmotivation so you know the quality of the material is excellent.

This is a 43 minute mp3 audio recording for an aqua yoga practice. You will also receive the posture list from the Aqua Yoga Basics Audio Sequence as a PDF download to print as a practice guide.

This practice closes with a floating meditation.  You’ll need one or two pool noodles for that.

Mp3 files are universal file format for playing on any device that plays downloadable media such as music or audiobooks.

You can also buy this audio sequence as part of the audio sequence bundle in my store.

Here’s a sample of the audio quality:


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