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Aqua Yoga Chakras Workshop


This event wasn’t just a workshop but also included a full sequence for you to download and use.

All the materials, including the video, guided meditation, and handouts, are available for download for you to use immediately.

The Aqua Yoga Chakras workshop is about making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant to your aqua yoga practice.

Focusing on your chakras as you practice allows you to manage your energy and customize your practice to your larger goals and needs beyond just having a good time in the pool.

If you need help with stress, anxiety, or depression, for example, connecting with your Chakras helps you get to the root cause and use aqua yoga as a healing tool.

The sequence download is 21 poses with directions you can get laminated to make it waterproof.   Use it for working with aqua yoga poses. 10-page PDF

You get a downloadable copy of the workshop slides – 9-page PDF.

You get a downloadable mp3 14-minute audio meditation to download and use in a floating meditation.

The workshop video recording is downloadable and during the 2-hour video, we cover what the chakras are, ways you can use, run through the sequence you receive live in the pool and I guide you through the mediation.

All the Aqua Yoga Chakra workshop materials are available to download immediately so you can get started right away.

the sun on top of a vertically orientated rainbow with the words chakras in aqua yoga above the sun as the cover of the waterproof aqua yoga for your chakras sequence