Aqua Yoga Deep Water Spinal Traction Sequence


The Aqua Yoga Deep Water Spinal Traction Sequence teaches you how to move your yoga or aquatics practice into the deep end of the pool.


The Aqua Yoga Deep Water Spinal Traction Sequence is designed for deep water work. It provides a lot of spinal traction due to the nature of no-impact, buoyant exercise in the deep end of the pool. It emphasizes length in your spine, builds core strength, and improves body awareness. While being true to the forms and philosophy of yoga, this sequence integrates the best principles of aquatic exercise such as moving in 360 degrees.  It challenges you by requiring you to navigate buoyancy and water viscosity.

This sequence contains 12 aqua yoga poses including a warm-up plus a version of sun salutations with 5 more postures. Half of the photography for this sequence is underwater shots to clearly show the postures. Mountain pose is the only pose in common between the two deep water sequences I offer.  You can see the Deep Water Spinal Stability sequence in the store HERE.

The sequence is printed on heavy-duty cardstock and laminated.  It’s durable and easy to use poolside. The font is large so many people can use these without reading glasses. Being on a ring, it’s easy to flip through the cards and they won’t blow away on the pool deck.

You will need two pool noodles and a deep water flotation belt to do the Aqua Yoga Deep Water Spinal Traction Sequence.  This aqua yoga sequence takes 45 minutes to practice.

50 color photographs

(8) double-sided 11.25″ X 4.5″ laminated cards



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