Aqua Yoga for a healthy back – Lunge focused audio class




Strengthen and stretch your back with aqua yoga! The Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back – Lunge Audio Sequence, which you can play poolside and practice along to, includes a warm up, 13 aqua yoga poses, and a floating meditation. As an intermediate aqua yoga sequence, it will build strength, improve your body awareness and improve your posture.

This is a 40 minute mp3 audio recording for a 45 minute aqua yoga practice. You will also receive the pose list as a PDF download to print as a practice guide.

You will need two pool dumbbells and a pool noodle to do this practice.

This sequence is also available as laminated cards if you prefer that format, see Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back Lunge sequence.

Mp3 files are universal file format for playing on any device that plays downloadable media such as music or audiobooks.


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