Aqua Yoga for a Healthy Back Plank Sequence




This sequence builds upper body strength, spinal flexibility, and strengthens your core. It contains 14 main postures such as Falling Cat and Warrior III with many variations to customize the practice for you.

This aqua yoga sequence is designed to be 45 minutes and all you need is access to a pool, a pair of aquatic barbells, and 1 pool noodle.

Each sequence is printed on heavy-duty cardstock and laminated to be durable and used poolside. The font is large so most people can use these without reading glasses. Being on a ring, it’s easy to flip through the cards and they won’t blow away on the pool deck.

(9) double-sided 11.25″ X 4.5″ laminated cards

58 color photographs

This is the same sequence as offered in video but it’s safer to take the laminated cards poolside. You can buy the video on my course platform HERE.


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