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Aqua Yoga for Healthy Veins


Immersion has some great benefits for heart health:

it lowers your blood pressure
it moves blood up toward your heart
it reduces swelling

it makes your heart more efficient

And yoga poses like Legs Up the Wall pose are often suggested as a way to stop the blood from pooling in your legs.  But what if that doesn’t work for you?

Aqua yoga is immersion without the inversion!

This Aqua Yoga for Vein Health booklet is a 20-page downloadable PDF that you can use immediately in your journey toward healthy veins.

It includes a complete 45-60 minute aqua yoga practice fully illustrated with over 85 above and below-water photographs.

You get the practice in two versions.  A one-page (double-sided) checklist you can laminate and take to the pool. AND the complete done for you class with complete directions you can laminate and take to the pool.

Either way, you’ll have what you need to take to the pool and get started today.