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Aqua Yoga for your Chakras


The Aqua Yoga for your Chakras sequence uses specific aspects of aqua yoga to help you connect with your energy and customize your practice for your needs.  It includes 21 aqua yoga poses including a floating meditation plus 21 concepts from the other seven limbs of yoga.  This variety will keep the practice fresh and relevant for you for a long time.

This sequence is designed to be customizable so you can use it to focus on one specific Chakra or all seven.  That way, even if you have only ten minutes you’ll be able to practice, or if you have an hour, you can really focus.

With 22 color photographs, the Aqua Yoga for your Chakras sequence is easy to use.  You will need three pool noodles to use the complete sequence.

The sequence is printed on heavy-duty cardstock and laminated.   It’s durable and will hold up to lots of poolside use. The font is  20 pt bold to be easy to read. Being on a ring, it’s easy to flip through the cards, and they won’t blow away on the pool deck.  All the waterproof sequences also come with a plastic ring as a spare and for use in saltwater pools.

(5) double-sided 8.75″ X 11.25″ laminated cards – a cover, 1 page for each Chakra, and two pages of supplementary ideas.

If you want a digital copy of this sequence instead, or want more help and information, you can enroll in my Aqua Yoga for your Chakras workshop replay.  That will give you a digital copy of this sequence, a guided meditation download plus a two-hour video with practical tips and directions for integrating all this material.  Enroll HERE.