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Aqua Yoga Sequence – Wall & Steps


Laminated aqua yoga sequence using the pool wall and steps to build strength in your arms, improve body organization and open your hips.

three pictures of a woman in the pool using the pool step to do sun salutations as part of the aqua yoga sequence wallHave you been aqua yoga curious but are unsure where to start – use the aqua yoga sequence for wall and steps. Are you tired of swimming 6 strokes in your pool and then turning around?  Or you’re cleaning your pool all the time and never using it?

Aqua yoga is an amazingly accessible yet challenging way to practice yoga.  It reduces pain and stress, improves your balance, and is super fun.  Using the wall or pool steps offers you support as you learn this new approach to fitness.

This sequence includes 17 water yoga postures plus a warm-up and floating meditation.  It’s an approximately 45-minute practice.

(11) double-sided 11.25″ X 4.5″ laminated cards. 60 color photographs

The Aqua Yoga Sequence – Wall & Steps is printed on heavy-duty cardstock and laminated.   They’re durable and will hold up to lots of poolside use. The font is  20 pt bold to be easy to read. Being on a ring, it’s easy to flip through the cards, and they won’t blow away on the pool deck.  All the waterproof sequences also come with a plastic ring as a spare and for use in saltwater pools.



Weight.3 oz