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Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations Tutorial


Take your yoga practice into the pool with this eleven-minute practice Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations Tutorial video and printed directions.

Have you been aqua yoga curious but are unsure where to start? Are you tired of swimming 6 strokes in your pool and then turning around?  Or you’re cleaning your pool all the time and never using it?

Aqua yoga is an amazingly accessible yet challenging way to practice yoga.  It reduces pain and stress, improves your balance, and is super fun.

This inexpensive Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations Tutorial gets your practicing in your pool. It walks you through one version of sun salutations with general directions.  It also includes more specific tips for each posture in the sequence.

This can be combined with other aquatic activities like aerobics or swimming and requires no equipment.


(1) mp4 digital download

(1) PDF digital download

I also sell laminated sequence and if you’d like versions of sun salutation in the deep end of the pool, see those in the store.