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Aqua Yoga Yamas and Niyamas Sequence


A yoga philosophy based aqua yoga class.


Have you wondered if aqua yoga is even yoga?

What makes it yoga if it’s in the pool?  The Aqua Yoga Yamas and Niyamas sequence will help you learn how it’s still yoga, just in the unique medium of water.

Aqua yoga is still supported by all the same yoga philosophy concepts as land-based yoga and this sequence supports you in exploring yoga philosophy through yoga in the pool.

This is the Yamas and Niyamas aqua yoga sequence from the Waves of Aqua Yoga Philosophy book.

This aqua yoga sequence is full color on heavy card stock. It’s laminated with 5 mil laminate for tons of poolside use. Secured on a ring, it won’t blow away. All the sequences also come with a spare plastic ring to prevent rusty rings in saltwater pools.

(3) 8.5″ X 11″ double-sided laminated sheets.   

It includes 18 aqua yoga poses. It’s a long sequence for personal practice, and it’s also a great companion to the Traditional sequence for people with some experience with yoga.