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Aqua Yoga 2 noodle sequence for strength and balance


corpse pose in the pool from the aqua yoga 2 noodle sequenceThis is an aqua yoga sequence that builds strength and balance by exploiting the buoyancy of pool noodles.  You need two pool noodles and you’ll use them in your hands, under your arms, and under your feet in 14 aqua yoga postures.

39 color photos including some underwater shots

(8) double-sided 11.25″ X 4.5″ laminated cards.

My aqua yoga sequences last 45 minutes. All you need is access to a pool and two pool noodles.

You can also buy the aqua yoga two noodle sequence as part of the 2020 sequences bundle.  In addition to the two noodle sequence, you’ll receive an entirely different two noodle sequence – the buoyancy sequence and a kickboard sequence.   As a bonus for buying the bundle, you’ll receive a video sample of the postures in the buoyancy sequence to make it easier to do that sequence.