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Outdoor Fitness Hashtag Kit


The outdoor fitness hashtag kit has 600 hashtags for pros to use on social media to save time, reach more clients, and make more money.

The Outdoor Fitness Hashtag Kit is for fitness professionals who teach outside so they can be more efficient on social media.

As pros, we have to spend time on social media to reach clients, but optimizing posts can be such a time suck.

Social media is about connecting and chatting with clients.  Researching hashtags is boring and we don’t get paid to do it.

This kit fills the gap for you, so you can go back to being social on social media.  It has 600 hashtags for aquatics, fitness, and yoga professionals.  It also gives you a quick and super applicable plan for how to implement and track your hashtags.  You’ll save time, reach more people and therefore make more money.

“You incorporated so many strong best practices for taking action, gathering data, niching down, serving your audience. I loved it! The design looked beautiful.”  – Carl, Yoga Teacher

The Outdoor Fitness Hashtag Kit is a 27 page full-color downloadable PDF.