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The Complete Aqua Yoga Kit

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $300.00.

Twelve done for you aqua yoga classes at a discount.

If you can’t decide on which aqua yoga classes are best for you, you can get the complete kit.

This kit includes all the regular depth waterproof sequences I sell with special perks and a discount.


You get all 12 classes:

Easy Aqua Yoga Sequence – Gentle for getting started

Core Strength Aqua Yoga Sequence – Doesn’t require gear so great for traveling

Traditional Aqua Yoga Sequence – Very similar to land yoga so easy for those with yoga experience

Wall & Steps Aqua Yoga Sequence – Good for a flow with the anchor of the wall

Two Noodle Sequence – For building strength and stability

Healthy Back Plank – With barbells for strengthening your back muscles

Healthy Back Lunge – With barbells for a big stretch

Aqua Yoga for your Posture – Focusing on your upper back and neck range of motion

Buoyancy Aqua Yoga Sequence – For people who like aqua aerobics

Chakra Aqua Yoga – For connecting with your energy centers

Yamas & Niyamas – For using yoga philosophy and when you want a longer practice



The Vein Health kit is laminated and included in your parcel as well as a PDF digital download for free ($50 value)

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The action recording of the buoyancy class that’s normally included in the 2020 bundle (a video download (in mp4 file format) of me doing the poses from the buoyancy sequence in the pool. There’s no sound; it’s an action recording that will help you practice the sequence.)


Note—Because of the cost, if you’re ordering this product internationally, you may have to pay import duties at your post office. Please inquire with your local tax body in advance if need be.