The introduction from the Sunny and Bright meditation:

Have you ever spent a pleasant afternoon poolside in the lounge chair enjoying the bright sun and the dance of light sparkling on the surface of the water?

Take a moment now to recreate that feeling inside of yourself.  Stop anything you’re doing.  Set your things aside and settle into a comfortable position.  Let go of any tension in your body.  Slide into focusing on your breath.

pictures of women meditating in the pool shown on a phone, a tablet and a laptop to show how you can access the pool meditation course

In addition to the Sunny and Bright meditation, I published more meditations for you:

Vacation meditation

Use the Radiant Ripples Guided Meditation also.

If you want more meditation inspiration, read my article on Floating Meditation prompts.

I also share meditations on Insight Timer. Follow me on Insight Timer.


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