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MCTD and Yoga

mctd and yoga

If you’re one of my yoga students, I might have mentioned that I have arthritis or lupus.  That’s usually how I explain my health status in the interest of time.  My current diagnosis is actually Mixed Connective Tissue Disease which is a rare combination connective tissue disease. I’m very open about the fact the I […]

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There was a time I believed life was over for me…

over for me

Yesterday was Rheumatic Disease Awareness Day, #rheumday, sponsored by The Rheumatic Patient Association.   Even though I’m very public with my health status, because my diseases are invisible, many people are not aware of my struggles.  Rheumatoid arthritis is something I’ve been living with since I was a teen even though my ‘official’ diagnosis was […]

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Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations

  Sun salutations (Surya Namaskara) – They’re everywhere in yoga but have you tried taking them into the pool for Aqua Yoga Sun Salutations? This is one variation of aqua yoga sun salutations using the wall.  This sequence is very similar to doing sun salutations at the wall in the studio.  The main difference is the […]

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Aqua Yoga Audio Recordings

aqua yoga audio

I’m working on building a library of downloadable aqua yoga audio recordings for my website this fall.  These are excellent for: land yogis who are curious about what aqua yoga is anyone who wants to start a home practice but isn’t sure about how to sequence yet yogis who don’t have aqua yoga classes in […]

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Aqua Yoga Specialists Training

I’m so grateful and jazzed up to have been part of the first cohort for Aqua Yoga Specialists.  It was an amazing weekend packed with information, inspiration, and a wonderfully collegial group of ladies.   As the video shows we did blissful restorative practices including sound therapy and ayurvedic adaptations.  These will be really wonderful […]

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Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher Training

I had a wonderful time at Aqua Kriya Yoga teacher training in Dallas last weekend! The first morning we jumped in the pool immediately to get in and out of the water before regular class times started.  That made it a very experiential class because we didn’t have any theory or background filtering our experience.  […]

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