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A Year of Abundance

a year of abundance

            The Jewel of Abundance by Ellen Grace O’Brian is a wonderfully clear and concise book about how to lead a richer, more full life with the tools of yoga. Abundance is available to everyone.  While you might feel that way philosophically, you might not have the tools to get […]

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Poems to support your yoga practice

poems to support your yoga practice

I teach a bunch of classes in public libraries.  I love teaching in libraries because I can reach people who wouldn’t necessarily ever go to a yoga studio.  They feel the library is more welcoming and more their style.  In support of the overall mission of libraries, I always include a reading in these classes.  […]

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Poetry for yoga – Spring 2018

poetry for yoga

                April is National Poetry Month sponsored by The Academy of American Poets so you might be searching for the perfect poetry for yoga for your classes. I love teaching yoga at my local public libraries.  In the spirit of the library, I share a poetry reading with each […]

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Aqua Yoga Specialists Training

I’m so grateful and jazzed up to have been part of the first cohort for Aqua Yoga Specialists.  It was an amazing weekend packed with information, inspiration, and a wonderfully collegial group of ladies.   As the video shows we did blissful restorative practices including sound therapy and ayurvedic adaptations.  These will be really wonderful […]

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Favorite Inspirational Yoga Quotes 2016

    If you’ve come to my classes, you know I like to share a sutra every month as a classs theme.  I also regularly do readings of poetry or perhaps a quote from a famous author. Here’s a recap of some of my favorite inspirational yoga quotes from 2016:     “Man does not […]

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Building Resilience With Yoga

building resilience

                Resilience is about our ability to successfully adapt to stress and adversity.  Of course we all face challenges in our life.  Some we may handle with grace, and some cause us to cower and fail.  It is a life skill that each new curve ball presents us […]

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Arctic Animals Kids Yoga Recap

  We had a wonderful time at Arctic Animals Kids Yoga.  The kids had an amazing knowledge of the animals that live in the arctic environment.  We did two different flow sequences filled with arctic animals, explored some other animals inspired poses, did a polar bear ice flow swim, read a snow poem, practiced snowflake […]

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February 2016 BiblYOphile Yoga Book Club

BiblYOphile Yoga Book Club – February book – Hellbent by Benjamin Lorr HELL-BENT explores a world at the extremes of American yoga. Benjamin Lorr walked into his first yoga studio on a whim and quickly found the yoga reinventing his life. He was studying Bikram Yoga (or “hot yoga”) when a run-in with a master […]

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Jan 2016 Yoga Book Club – The Goddess Pose

  For our January Yoga Book Club selection, we’ll read The Goddess Pose by New York Times best-selling author Michelle Goldberg, where she traces the life of the incredible woman, Russian born Indra Devi, who brought yoga to the West—and in so doing paints a sweeping picture of the twentieth century.  Born into the minor […]

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Meeting The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

On Friday, I had the chance to meet and take a yoga class with Tao Porchon-Lynch, the Guinness record holder for the world’s oldest yoga teacher at 97.   She was a lovely woman.  I can only hope that a diligent yoga practice will allow me to age with such grace and dignity.  She says, […]

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Inspired to Write Yoga Haiku

After teaching this Saturday, I went to the Times Festival of Reading.  Our regional newspaper is owned by a non-profit and holds this event annually to promote a love of literature.  I talked to the good volunteers at Keep St. Pete Lit where I would love to take a writing class in the not too […]

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October Farm and Garden Kids Yoga

halloween yoga

In the spirit of harvest time we did farm and garden yoga this month at the Gulfport Public Library.  We started with bee breath (Brahmari pranayama) and then moved into beneficial bug poses, finishing the series with pesticide induced dead bug pose.  We explored poses named after farm animals, did a farmer and farm dog […]

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Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher Training

I had a wonderful time at Aqua Kriya Yoga teacher training in Dallas last weekend! The first morning we jumped in the pool immediately to get in and out of the water before regular class times started.  That made it a very experiential class because we didn’t have any theory or background filtering our experience.  […]

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September Glow Stick Kids Yoga Recap

  Thanks to everyone who came out for Glow Stick kids yoga at the library this week!  We showed our love for the sun and the moon with equal salutations, played sun light moon light (like red light/green light with yoga), and camped out in glow Savasana.  Our literary work this week was poetry by […]

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Yoga for Hyperthyroidism

A paper recently reported on Helios.com concludes that Lupus patients are more likely to have thyroid dysfunction than healthy adults.  Personally, I’ve had trouble in this area this year.  I’ve moved into the realm of subclinical hyperthyroidism and have thyroid nodules.  Even though that is supposed to be a condition you can’t feel, personally it […]

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Yoga for Arthritis Training at Yogaville

  I had such a great time at the Yoga for Arthritis training at Yogaville I’m calling this my first trip. The training covered modifying classes to fit all abilities, yoga for arthritis research, and anatomy.  The group of trainees was really collegial and everyone brought unique contributions to the sessions.  All three trainers had […]

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