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Yoga 12 Days of Christmas

yoga 12 days of christmas

These posts originally appeared on Facebook as the Yoga 12 Days of Christmas.  They are collected here in one place to be easier to find.  While the theme of these posts was applying these principles to the holidays, yoga truths are universal so use them all year long. Yoga 12 Days of Christmas – Day […]

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Yamas and Niyamas Internet Memes

yamas and niyama

The end of every  year is a chance to reflect.  What worked for you this past year, or maybe what didn’t.  That reflection isn’t for beating ourselves up on what we didn’t do, but an opportunity to set an intention for ourselves for the year coming up.  Yoga philosophy is timeless and can be a […]

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Yoga Sutra Journaling III.10 Tranquility

My sutra for classes this month is III.10 “The restraint of rising impressions brings about an undisturbed flow of tranquility.”  We’ve talked a lot about not responding to, or slowing down the internal negative thought stream we all face.  Tranquility can be a state we achieve with a little mental space or peace and quiet.  […]

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20 Ways I Make Yoga Accessible

make yoga accessible

  I use the phrase making yoga accessible multiple times on my website.  When you hear the phrase making yoga accessible you might think of helping people in wheelchairs to do yoga.  While I certainly do that in my classes at assisted living facilities, the idea is really much broader.  It’s about making yoga work […]

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Desiring Easter Bees

Last summer I wrote a post about the discipline of bees which you can read here.  It focused on the yogic principle of tapas.  I was reminded of the importance of this again recently when I went outside and out of habit did the headcheck to look over to the hives.  Except the hives are […]

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The Perfect Yoga Sutra for Fall

Fall presents many opportunities to reinforce the yoga sutras in our practice. Harvesting fall honey last month got me pondering the opportunities for personally practicing the tenets of aparigraha* and got me thinking about how I might want to broach the subject with my students in classes. As a beekeeper, it’s important I manage my […]

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The Discipline of Bees

I did my monthly hive check today.  Both my hives seemed healthy and pest free which is how you want them to start summer.  Today was the day I allotted to do it, so time wise I had to get it done, but they were a bit unhappy with me opening the lids.  It’s been […]

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