Why teach Aqua Yoga?

Aqua Yoga takes all eight limbs of yoga and puts them in the pool

Teaching aqua yoga allows you to build on the skills you already have and apply them to a new discipline so you reach more people.

Teaching Aqua Yoga Will Help You

women doing yoga along the pool wall

Expand Your Reach

New offerings make you marketable to a wider audience

christa fairbrother doing tree pose in the pool

Expand Your Income

Reaching more people means you can make more money

underwater photography of using dumbbells in the pool

Expand Your Skills

Learning new skills makes you a better teacher in everything you do

woman doing floating meditation with a pool noodle and the pool wall during aqua yoga

Take Care of Yourself

Learning aqua yoga means you have new ways to nourish yourself

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3 downloadable tutorial videos for common aqua yoga poses

A guided floating meditation mp3 download

A 30 days of aqua yoga printable calendar PDF download

Plus aqua yoga content, resources and support long-term.



Aqua Yoga Opportunities for Pros

aqua yoga online


For yoga/aquatics pros to teach aqua yoga in their communities without having to travel.

woman doing dancers pose in the pool


For yoga/aquatics pros to teach aqua yoga in their communities who can learn with me in person.

two women standing in front of the pool who are participants in the aqua yoga teacher mentorship

Professional Mentorship

For existing aqua yoga teachers to excel as teachers and business owners

Cover of the book, Water Yoga a Teacher's Guide which shows a woman in the pool wearing an orange sun shirt and black sun pants in a modified version of Eagle pose during aqua yoga.

New book

Order your copy now to get exclusive custom content and virtual workshop recordings.

What other pros say about working with me


I really appreciated the inclusion of the 8 limbs of yoga and frequent reference to yogic principles. Knowing that aqua yoga is so much more than a water fitness activity really fits in to my teaching goals. 


Yoga Teacher


I just wanted to let you know that I am still learning every time I engage from your course content. That is a very unique feature you have. No matter how many times I rewatch or re read content, I learn something relevant each time.


Aquatics Pro


I have to say that for the small investment I made to learn Aqua Yoga from you, you delivered and are delivering so much value for my pennies.


Aqua Yoga Student

Aqua Yoga Articles for Professionals

What if you don't have access to a pool right now?

You can use these resources anywhere you have access to water.  The guided meditation can be used in your bath.  You can use the videos in your friends hot tub.  Your 30 day calendar will help you learn more about aqua yoga for when you can get in the pool again.  

Part of learning a new skill is awareness and education.  You'll get that from these resources immediately.

Plus, I continue to connect with you long term so you have an accountability buddy as a practitioner and teacher.

“Aqua yoga combines the best of the yoga and aquatics fields for a whole person approach to wellness."

The Water Yoga Pose Tutorial database has more than 20 videos you can use immediately

Woman in the pool doing Warrior 2 pose with one pool noodle. Text overlay says "Water Yoga Pose Tutorials"

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Christa Fairbrother

I use my 25+ years of yoga practice, my Master's in education and all my teaching experiences to provide you with trainings that are complete, filled with resources, and actionable.  After training with me you'll have the skillsets and the confidence to teach quality aqua yoga programs to diverse clients in your community.


Aqua Yoga Specialist

Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor 

Certified Accessible Yoga Instructor

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