Meeting The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher

On Friday, I had the chance to meet and take a yoga class with Tao Porchon-Lynch, the Guinness record holder for the world’s oldest yoga teacher at 97.


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She was a lovely woman.  I can only hope that a diligent yoga practice will allow me to age with such grace and dignity.  She says, “Know there is no such thing as age ‘age’.  Tune into the power of the eternal and feel the beauty of life.”


My grandmother passed four years ago, but if she were still alive, they would be the same age and Tao reminded me of her.  My grandmother was a big proponent of smiling and having a positive attitude so Tao’s writings on the ‘Power of a Smile’ resonated with me and I’m planning on using them in my classes this week.  “…Fortifies the mind under stress.  The power of a smile has its effects on the human body.  So, smile as you rise with the sun and smile at the beauty of life within you and everything on this planet.”

#taoporchonlynch, #senioryoga, #beecontentyoga, #world'soldestyogateacher#yogaforhealthyaging

It’s a generational thing, but Tao also had lovely penmanship (like my grandmother) and she wrote a very flattering inscription in her book for me.  “Dearest Christa, You are the very Essence of the beauty of yoga.”

#taoporchonlynch, #reflections, #world'soldestyogateacher

She still practices daily after 3 hip surgeries, a recent broken wrist, a daunting travel schedule, and being 97 and counting.  She’s a wonderful inspiration and example of the power of yoga.




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