Thriving with chronic illness

thriving with chronic illness

thriving with chronic illnessThriving with chronic illness is a huge part of my life story.  I know what it’s like to struggle with the symptoms of a chronic illness such as pain and fatigue.  I’ve been diagnosed with four auto immune diseases.  Yoga has been a huge part of my self-care journey for the past 25 years.   Read more about my journey on my about me page.  Yoga has given me a path I can journey on my entire life.  Because of my diagnosis, I’ve had to stop multiple activities that brought me joy – blacksmithing, horseback riding, lounging in the sun at the beach all day.  Yoga is something I could do before my health challenges were an issue, it’s something I can enjoy now, and I will be able to adjust my practice in the future to stay with it.

  As we walk the chronic health path, it can be a challenge to find things that are constants in our lives.  We rightly have to give some things up, and I’m grateful for the things I can still do in spite of my health.  I believe yoga can fill that void for you as well since it’s infinitely customizable.  You can always practice yoga and I created this free eCourse to support in your yoga journey.


It includes 8 emails to help guide you to thriving with chronic illness.  

Each email contains tips, resources, readings and overall a bunch of tools to help you make the changes you need.

  • Concentration
  • Self Compassion
  • Accessible Yoga
  • Aqua Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Journaling
  • Flexibility
  • Getting Social

Join me and move closer to thriving in only one week’s time:



I'm a yoga teacher who specializes in making yoga accessible in the pool and on land. I also train and coach other yoga and aquatics professionals in aqua yoga. My teaching style is engaging, responsive, and fun. 

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