Last week I posted an article on how to keep your aqua yoga practice going when you can’t make it to the pool.  Sometimes, you have to just throw in the towel and move your practice inside.  If that’s the case, your pool noodles can come with you because they make great land yoga props.

Using pool noodles in your land yoga practice is a great idea because:

  • at the dollar store they’re super cheap
  • they’re easy to get
  • they’re light to use and port around
  • you can store them anywhere
  • just like any other yoga prop they help you learn about your body and how you use it

I filmed these 8 short videos on incorporating pool noodles as land yoga props.

They cover:

  • Mountain Pose
  • Down Dog Pose
  • Hip Rotation
  • Shoulder Opener
  • Shoulder Retraction
  • Wrist Support
  • Saddle Joint Support
  • Hand Movements

You can watch all 8 videos as a series

Or individual videos on the topics that interest you

 Mountain Pose

Use the noodle under your feet to keep your center of gravity back


Down Dog Pose

Use the noodle under your feet to lengthen your legs


Hip Rotation

As a pole to keep you from leading with your chin

Shoulder Opener

As a guide to keep your shoulders mobile

Shoulder Retraction

In place of a heavier block

Using Pool Noodles in Land Yoga for Wrist Support

To keep your wrist from flattening out

Saddle Joint Support

To add some space for your thumb

For more ideas on arthritis in your thumb, watch this thumb arthritis video.

Hand Movements

As something to squeeze to build your forearm muscles

For a more traditional yoga approach to hand exercises during yoga, watch my video on yoga hand exercises for arthritis.

woman in the pool doing side plank pose because she's showing the best resource for water yoga

Use these pool noodles in the water with The Best Resource for Water Yoga.

Using Pool Noodles for Land Yoga



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