Need a vacation but can’t get away? This guided vacation meditation is the next best thing. Listen to transport yourself to a tropical climate today.

An excerpt from the introduction:

“In your mind’s eye, picture yourself standing on a tropical beach.  You feel the sand between your toes, the heat is rising up off the sand and warming your calves.  A gentle breeze caresses your skin and shifts your hair.  You look around and see palm trees lining the edge of the beach. “

Use the vacation meditation:

pictures of women meditating in the pool shown on a phone, a tablet and a laptop to show how you can access the pool meditation course

To really bliss out, use the full suite of materials in my affordable pool meditation mini-course.

For more guided meditations, use:

Water Ripples meditation

or for meditation inspiration, Floating Meditation prompts.

If you want more guided meditations, follow me on Insight Timer.

A tropical beach at sunset. Palm trees are on the shore and the sky is pink. The text says "Vacation mindset. Guided mediation." to illustrate the vacation meditation.


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