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How to have a vacation mindset every day


You know that feeling when you’re on vacation.  Everything is right with the world.  If it’s a tropical vacation, the sun is out, it’s warm, the breeze is blowing through the palm trees as you sip a cool drink with an umbrella in it.  You’re happy and relaxed.  Even if something went slightly amiss, you can just shrug your shoulders, say oh well and get on with relaxing.

What did it take for you to access that vacation mindset on your trip?  It wasn’t something you brought in your luggage, and it wasn’t something you bought in the sunny tropical locale you were in, so what did it? 

You were immersed in the moment.

You were fully present in the business of relaxing – not work, to-do lists, all that stuff that would normally get you wound up.  Relaxing was the only thing going on and the only thing on your mind.

What if you could access that beautiful feeling every day?  How do you create a peaceful immersive experience for yourself when you’re not on vacation?

Try using this short 5-minute meditation to help you dip back into that vacation mindset.


Create a vacation mindset with a floating meditation

Another way is to physically immerse yourself and do a floating meditation in the water.  You can use this meditation in the pool after a yoga practice.  A floating meditation speeds up the relaxation process by hijacking your sensory system into bliss mode faster than just doing a seated meditation.  This study talks about the stress reducing effects of floating.


Even if you don’t have aqua yoga near you, you can become a calm, content mermaid with a vacation mindset everyday.  I’ve developed an aqua yoga eCourse that you can do in a pool near you.  Enrollment opens every spring.  By signing up for my email list, and getting this meditation freebie, you’ll also get the first chance at enrollment and early bird discounts.

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An excerpt of the How to Have a Vacation Mindset Everyday Meditation:

You can do this vacation mindset guided meditation anywhere, so just take a moment to get comfortable, whether you’re seated, laying down, or floating.  Settle into your position.  Once you’re comfortable, in your mind’s eye, picture yourself standing on a tropical beach.  You feel the sand between your toes, the heat is rising up off the sand and warming your calves.  A gentle breeze caresses your skin and shifts your hair.  You look around and see palm trees lining the edge of the beach.  The water gently laps at the shore and as far as you can see in either direction, you have the beach completely to yourself.

Begin to slowly walk down to the water.  As you get closer to the water, you hear the lap of the waves get a little stronger.  The breeze picks up slightly and your skin notices it’s just a hair cooler.

You come to the water’s edge and pause and the biggest waves begin to lap at your toes.  The water is pleasantly warm and as the wave recedes it pulls the sand around your feet back out with it.

You decide to go for a swim.  You slowly walk further out into the water.  Once you get to mid thigh, the resistance of the water is strong enough you decide to dive in.  The water is delicious.  The temperature is just right and as you break the surface to come back up, you blink the water out of your eyes to see birds slowly circling above.

You decide to roll onto your back and float….

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  1. I need to work on this mindset. I’m not sure I remember what vacation feels like, I haven’t actually been on one in a really long time. I’ll just have to add a little extra imagination and creativity to this particular meditation.

  2. What a great post! I always have a hard time meditating because it’s hard for me to sit still long
    enough and be quiet!! But this sounds like a great way to get lost in meditation. Awesome idea! I love
    it! You have a great blog! I can’t wait to dive in and check out the other posts!

  3. Great advise here Christa _ I am downloading the app! I have shared your link on my PainPals blog reg feature Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire x

  4. I love this. That just because I am completely addicted to the sea, but also because I can’t travel. I’m definitely signing up to get the audio recording!

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