Varicose veins and other venous health problems are extremely common. One third of people in the US live with this problem and it’s more likely to impact you if your female, older, overweight or have a family history of it.

While many people think of varicose veins as just a cosmetic problem, they’re not the only venous issue you can face and they can lead to other more serious problems such as chronic pain, chronic venous insufficiency, ulcers and deep vein thrombosis.

What can you do about varicose veins?

Obviously, your health care provider is your first line of defense but you’re here because you want self managment tools. Aquatic exercise is a great choice because of the properties of water science. Here’s how immersion helps with health veins:

An infograhic describing the benefits of aqua yoga for vein health.  The text says, "Immersion... lowers your blood pressure, reduces swelling, moves blood up your torso, improves your heart's efficiency."  The text is overlaid on top of an underwater photo of a woman walking in the pool.  It also includes a link to the aqua yoga for vein health kit.

How can you implement these ideas?

Here are three ways you can implement aqua yoga for vein health:

Graphic on improve vein health with water yoga.  #1 Walk backward in the pool.  Walking backward in the pool builds calf strength and stimulates your calf pump action.  All the text is next to a picture of a woman walking backward in the pool wearing a black swimsuit and black swim pants

#2 Take a load off.  Get off your feet and give your veins a break by floating sometimes.  The text is next to a photo of a woman doing a floating meditation in the pool.  She's wearing a salmon sun shirt and black swim pants.  Her forelegs are on the pool deck and her torso is floating supported by a blue pool noodle.

#3.  Include some cardio.  Yoga can be done at any speed and a healthy heart makes for
healthy veins.  The text is next to an underwater photo of a woman.  She's wearing a dark blue swimsuit with turquoise and pink trim.  She's sitting on a kickboard in the pool doing aqua yoga.

Here’s a video to show more of these ideas live in the pool:

Why aqua yoga for varicose veins?

I was inspired to create this aqua yoga resource focused on vein health because my journey with autoimmune diseases. I’m living with deep vein reflux and am doing everything I can to prevent the situation from getting worse.

If you want a complete kit to work these ideas into your life, check out my aqua yoga for vein health kit:

This Aqua Yoga for Vein Health booklet is a 20-page downloadable PDF that you can use immediately in your journey toward healthy veins.

  • It includes a complete 45-60 minute aqua yoga practice fully illustrated with over 85 above and below-water photographs.
  • You get the practice in two versions.  A one-page (double-sided) checklist you can laminate and take to the pool. AND the complete done for you class with complete directions you can laminate and take to the pool.

Either way, you’ll have what you need to take to the pool and get started today.


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