A guided meditation for you focused on radiating energy.

Try using this next time you’re at the pool.

An excerpt from the Water Ripples Meditation:

Picture the concentric ripples that form when a drop of water falls into the pool.  The impact of that small drop radiates out and grows.  You can use an affirmation in a similar way in your practice.  An affirmation is a positive phrase you can use to create personal change.  Just like the water drop made a splash, your affirmation will ripple out for a larger effect.

pictures of women meditating in the pool shown on a phone, a tablet and a laptop to show how you can access the pool meditation course

To really bliss out, use the full suite of materials for floating meditation in my pool meditation mini-course.

In addition to the Water Ripples meditation, I’ve written for you:

The Vacation Meditation

and the Sunny and Bright Meditation.

If you’d like more inspiration for meditation, read my Floating Meditation Prompts.

If you enjoyed the Water Ripples Meditation, I also share meditations on Insight Timer.

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slow motion for of a water drop.  The text says "Concentric ripples.  Swimming pool meditation." to illustrate the water ripples meditation post.


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