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Water Yoga: A Teacher's Guide

Available July 21st, 2022

Cover of the book, Water Yoga a Teacher's Guide which shows a woman in the pool wearing an orange sun shirt and black sun pants in a modified version of Eagle pose during aqua yoga.
A comprehensive guide
Water yoga is about more than poses

The first book to tackle water yoga comprehensively through all eight waves of yoga as both a practitioner and teacher.

Fully illustrated

Over 100 photos and illustrations to make the concepts clear and easily understandable.

Professionally embraced

A foreword by Ruth Sova, founder of both the Aquatic Exercise Association, and the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute.

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Curious about the book's timeline?

  • Nov 21 the book has gone to the production team
  • Oct 21 the official cover is released
  • Sep 21 everything was turned in to the publisher
Headshot of Christa Fairbrother who's wearing white with the mooring field of Boca Ciega Bay and condos behind her.

Hello Reader,

Thanks for your interest in the book.  Being passionate about water yoga, I want more people around the world to have access.  Not everyone can make it to Florida to work with me personally so this book bridges the gap.

By dipping your toe into water yoga with the book, I hope it makes a big splash in your life and ripples outs into the lives of those around you.

Christa Fairbrother, author

Christa Fairbrother, MA, is an internationally recognized water yoga coach and trainer.  In addition to being a yoga professional, she is certified both as an Aquatic Therapist through the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute and as an Aquatic Fitness Professional through the Aquatic Exercise Association. She combines her background in education, yoga, and aquatics to provide high-quality training for other pros so more people worldwide can get the benefits of water yoga.  

She lives in Florida with her husband and two sons.  When she’s not in the pool, there’s nothing she loves better than a good book and a huge cup of tea.