These are a collection of infographics on how to treat parts of your body while you’re doing water yoga.

A picture is worth a thousand words so each is designed to be self-explanatory. The goal is for you to be as effective as possible when you get in the pool.

The most important thing to remember is these do’s and don’ts are built around the idea of Ahimsa (being kind to yourself) and Svadhyaya (self-knowledge) so you’re doing what’s right for your body. None of these ideas are based on form over function. It doesn’t matter what you look like during water yoga, it matters how you feel. These are ideas to keep you comfortable and stable, rather than focusing on how you look.

What to do with your wrists during water yoga

Person at the pool deck showing their wrist broken back in an uncomfortable way compared to a neutral wrist to show water yoga do's and don'ts.

Relieve the load with short levers

Woman in the pool with aquatic dumbbells.  She's showing the difference between keeping your arms straight vs bent to relieve tension in your neck as part of the water yoga do's and don'ts article.

Keep your elbows in

Good form with aquatic dumbbells helps keep stress out of your joints.  Shown by two pictures of a woman in the pool using good form vs poor form as part of the water yoga do's and don'ts suggestions.

Keep your feet parallel

Underwater photos of feet in aqua yoga.  Water yoga do's and don'ts include parallel feet.

Use good form in your knees

Underwater photo of how your knees should and shouldn't be during water yoga as do's and don'ts.

Toes to nose when lifting your legs

woman in the pool shown underwater in ankle dorsiflexion and ankle plantar flexion to illustrate water yoga dos and donts

Take it beyond water yoga do’s and don’ts

If you want more water yoga tips, read my article on The Best Water Yoga Resource or there’s a full week of resources in the Aqua Yoga Challenge.

Or, if you want video tutorials, sign up for the free Water Yoga Pose Tutorials.

Sharing is caring – If you want to share large versions of all these graphics with a friend, do that via Pinterest .


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