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Why water yoga pose tutorials

This is a free database of more than two dozen short, clear videos to

get you started with aqua yoga

  • Each focuses on one pose or yoga concept to make them easy to use
  • They're one to two minutes long to make for quick wins
  • Each has closed captioning so you can watch them anywhere
  • All with the goal of helping you improve your balance and strength, reduce stress, and have a good time in the pool.

" Aqua yoga has so many benefits but it can be hard to find information about it.  You can't learn how if you don't have a teacher or lack directions.  Being passionate about water yoga, I want everyone to be able to access the practice so I created these tutorials for you."

Christa Fairbrother

Aqua Yoga Coach & Trainer

Water Yoga Videos

Here's one of my most requested videos as an example of the pose tutorials. 

  • Try it out in your pool.
  • Come back and watch more videos.  
  • Add those to your practice one at a time.
  • You've got an aqua yoga practice!

See How Easily You Can Learn Water Yoga

What users say about the videos

Great Database with simple instructions - K.H.

Provides everything to start aqua yoga journey! Lots of classic poses adapted to water. Option to learn through videos and text.

Aqua Yoga Looks Amazing - E.R.

Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. :)

Love Pool Props - G.B

So very helpful with what to do and what not to do with props!