Private yoga sessions are what they sound like.  You select a yoga teacher you have a connection with to work with you individually.  Or, if the teacher offers it, semi-privately with others you choose.  The locations can vary.  I offer them online, in private pools, or at the St. Pete Beach Aquatic Center.

How is private yoga different than a group class?

First, private yoga involves an intake process.  Have you ever been to a yoga class where at the beginning of class the teacher asks if anyone has any physical issues that they need to share?  Does anyone ever say anything?  Of course not.   It’s human to not want to share your personal health information in such a public forum.  Before I work with anyone privately, I ask people to fill out an intake form that lists your health information.  That way every yoga tool we apply is right for your health needs and contraindications.  I also ask for your goals and what you want out of working together.  That way every session moves you closer to your goals, while still respecting your health.  At that same public yoga class, did the teacher ask if anyone had any requests?  If they did ask they worked it into the group plan and that’s great.  But they didn’t say, “Thanks for that request, and the entire class for everyone is going to be designed to fulfill that exact need for you.”  Private yoga provides those two personal components that can’t get worked into group classes.

What do you do in a session?

Private yoga is by its nature highly individualized.  No two sessions are ever the same. When you work with me, the first session we go over the intake form and we strategize a plan for what to work on with our time together.  In that first session, we immediately get to work on your goals.  As we continue to work together, we apply all of the eight limbs of yoga for you to reach your goals.

I don’t live near someone I want to work with.  How does digital private yoga work?

Technology has transformed our lives in so many ways and yoga coaching is no exception.  If you want private yoga but there’s no one in your area with the skillsets you need, digital private yoga is definitely an option.  Digital meeting software like Zoom or Skype can connect people anywhere in the world.  You set up your mat in the living room with your screen on and voila, someone a world away is in your living room with you, giving you advice.  It can also work to record your practice and submit it to a private yoga instructor for feedback.  This can be a great option too if you’re traveling or are a snowbird.  You don’t want to give up your private instruction but life is taking you out of your area.  Technology provides that face to face time to keep you on track in your custom practice.  I have worked with people long-distance who need my area of expertise and people who’ve done in-person sessions and transitioned to father away.  For example, if you want to work on aqua yoga for arthritis, I am your gal. I’m the only person I know of in the world specializing in that and even mentor other teachers on this subject.  When you need something specific in your practice, go to the expert, and technology will make it happen for you.

If I do private yoga only once per week, how much progress am I really going to make?

Great question.  Yoga is an embodied practice.  The more you do it, the more benefits you receive.  It’s like riding a bike.  You don’t get much better at riding a bike if you only read about riding a bike.  An article might give you some new insight to apply if you already know how to ride a bike.  However, hours of reading isn’t going to make you a better bike rider.  It’s the same with yoga.  You have to use the information you get in your private sessions and apply it as often as you can.  I provide all my clients weekly homework that they practice as often as they can between sessions.  I’m a visual person and believe a picture is worth a thousand words.  I take pictures of my clients as they practice and email them with their homework.  That way clients see what I see.  In a group class, you never get that visual insight and reference for how you’re working in your own practice.

Do I need a whole studio’s worth of yoga props to do private yoga?

No.  Although after experiencing private yoga, it’ll probably make you want to go yoga prop shopping :))  If you do private yoga with me, I provide the props.  It is highly encouraged for you to get the props you need so you can do your homework.  For example, if we do chair pose together with a block between your knees to help you learn to stabilize your feet, that becomes part of your homework.  It’s much easier to do your homework when you have the right equipment.  If you’re investing in private yoga, it’s worth investing in the few props you’ll need to continue to apply the knowledge you gain.  Any private yoga teacher will offer some assistance in buying the right equipment for yourself.

Isn’t private yoga really expensive?

Private yoga is an investment.  Yes, it costs more than a group class so you need to prioritize what you’re looking to get out of your practice.  If you feel like it’s been forever since you made any improvement, or are bored with your practice, or this was supposed to be the year you’d finally start yoga and it’s now the end of Feb and you still haven’t – something is not working and needs to change.  The individualized attention is a more efficient use of your time.  If in one session you’re able to improve one posture, or get a breakthrough on even one thing that you’ve been struggling with, that’s cheaper than years of yoga classes doing the same ineffective techniques over and over.  Private yoga basically costs the same as a massage.  You expect a massage to bring you more comfort and improvement than having your friend scratch that itch on your back.  Exactly like private yoga is also a lot more effective than practicing along to a yoga video that gives you no attention.  Private yoga is an investment in yourself that pays huge dividends for the lifetime of your yoga practice.

If you want to schedule a private yoga session with me, see my private session page or drop me an email at


Do you have a private yoga question I didn’t answer?  Leave a comment and I’ll answer it for you.  Namaste!private yoga st petersburg



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