This is the first installment in creating a comprehensive aqua yoga gear guide for you.

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Before you even get to the pool, you need to get yourself sorted so we’re starting with what to wear for aqua yoga.

  • What you wear for aqua yoga matters because it’s important for your own safety – to protect yourself against the sun for example.
  • It’s important for water quality – inappropriate fabrics result in the need for more pool chemicals which impacts both your air quality and everyone’s environment.
  • It’s important for your comfort – you can’t focus if the sun’s glare gives you a headache or your teeth are chattering from the cold.
  • Plus, it never hurts to look good doing something you enjoy.

What to wear for aqua yoga in order from top to bottom:


Myself and veryone else suggest buying a big one to get the most sun protection. I use the Coolibar one as it has a string (Florida wind), and being synthetic, it doesn’t mildew or lose its shape.

K. recommends Pistil Designs.


I like wrap styles because they block more sun. I also like polarized as I can see into the pool better. They will last longer if you don’t store them in your car. Two brands I currently own are Optic Nerve and SunCloud

Aqua Yoga SwimSuits:

D. recommends H20 Wear. I can add their suits LAST and they have a large selection of plus sizes. You’ll get sick of them before they wear out and they are great sponsors of the aquatics community.

C. recommends Swim Outlet. I get a lot of suits there too.

K. recommends Nani Swimwear.

M. recommends all the Athleta companies products

N recommends Swimandsweat. They are also really good for plus sizes and really long-lasting.

People frequently ask about the boyshort suits I wear so frequently in pictures. Amazon sells them. They’re cute but not durable, they only last a season.

For UK people – D suggest Zoggs.


Two features I always like when available are thumb holes to cover the backs of my hands and a hood for covering my ears (I don’t wear the hooded ones when swimming).

Platinum Sun is a brand I’ve used and liked and they’re Florida-based.

THIS brand is on Amazon and has all my favorite features – a hood, thumb holes, they zip, and they’re cheap. They last decently long.

Solbari is a great brand that delivers to the US, Canada, the UK, AND Australia.

I no longer recommend the Coolibar shirts. They’ve changed the fabric and the fit and they don’t work for me anymore.


To stay warm in the winter. H20 Wear makes a jacket that both K. and I like. They used to make a vest which I still have and love.


J. recommends the H20 Wear pants.

I like the Coolibar ones for teaching on the pool deck. For swimming, I like a tighter style like the Platinum Sun.


When teaching I use Ceravae 50 SPF. All the rest of the time, on the recommendation of my dermatologist I use Oil of Olay daily sunscreen. If you’re concerned about sunscreen ingredients, Environmental Working Group does an excellent annual round-up of sunscreens.


I’m not a big fan of wearing shoes while practicing aqua yoga because they alter how you use your feet. However, they’re essential if you live with diabetes or neuropathy. Also, if you’re doing half aqua yoga and half aerobics, they help. If you’re a teacher who gets in and out of the water, absolutely wear shoes.

I wear the aqua toe-shoes from Vibram. I think the black ones are longer lasting than the grey ones.

D. & A. both recommend the Ryka hydro sport shoes.


I don’t wear them. I never have time 🤣

K. suggests the REI one.

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Wolf Clan LLC sells headwear both for people without hair, and for people with locks for whom traditional swim caps don’t work.

Modest swimwear/Burkinis – Check out Burkini Remsa whose online store is in multiple languages and ships worldwide.

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