Why an Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course

woman on a pool noodle shown underwater to talk about why aqua yoga for arthritis

Why an Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course? Because people living with arthritis need diverse choices for managing their symptoms. Arthritis affects everyone differently and the number of options available should reflect the diversity of people living with arthritis.

Obviously, as an arthritis patient, you are working with your health care provider to get your arthritis under control but you might be looking for tools you can use outside the Dr.’s office.

The Chronic Pain Cycle

Research shows that if we think moving is going to hurt or moving will make our pain worse, we move less. Yet research tells us if we move more we’re in less pain despite arthritis. It’s the classic chicken or the egg scenario.

This graphic from Arthritis Action UK, illustrates the problem we face with arthritis pain.

Where can we break out of the cycle? One option is to try exercise we know won’t hurt. That’s where aqua yoga comes in. Being in mid-chest height water offloads about 70% of your weight. The water is literally taking a load off you just by being in it. That’s how a workout in water is more comfortable than on land. It gives your arthritic joints more space. People stick with aquatic exercise programs longer for that reason.

Yoga Philosophy and Chronic Pain

We can also look at attitudes around pain. Yoga philosophy helps with that. We want to be kind to ourselves. We also want to put in the right amount of effort to achieve our goals. Those are called Ahimsa and Tapas in yoga. We need to balance the two concepts so we don’t push ourselves too hard, nor become couch potatoes.

Why an Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course

I created the Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course because I have a lot of skin in the game on the subject. I have lived with multiple kinds of arthritis for years and have found tremendous benefits from a yoga practice. As my arthritis has gotten worse, aqua yoga has allowed me to continue to practice in a pain free way.

My love for aqua yoga has inspired me to share the discipline locally and I’ve helped hundreds of people living with arthritis learn aqua yoga and reduce their chronic pain. You might be really interested but not have anyone in your area and, traveling to take a class is not realistic. That’s where an online course helps. You can work with a specialist in the field at your own pace, in your location.

Find out more information about the Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course.

Woman on a pool noodle shown underwater to illustrate why aqua yoga for arthritis


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