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Lupus Sun Safety
This post originally appeared on the Despite Lupus blog by Sara Gorman. Here's her introduction: I am thrilled to introduce[...]
Embodied meditation
Can you simultaneously reflect on the meaning of your inner and outer worlds?  Space to reflect on the existential questions[...]
What Shells are you Choosing to Carry – a shell meditation
Close your eyes and imagine you’re walking on the beach today. Feel the sand beneath your toes. Hear the lap[...]
Peaceful Aqua Yoga
Now that summer is in full swing, I'm excited to bring the a podcast interview I did with Andrea Claassen.[...]
Mermaids and Myth
Myth is something that’s so true that we find fantastical ways to tell it. Because myth is not something that’s[...]
Aqua Yoga for Midlife
Jo Blackwell, host of the Midlife Movement podcast, and I had a lovely chat on how yoga, and especially aqua[...]
Sound as an Ally
Sounds are often thought of as barriers to meditation, but they can also be an asset.  Just like your breath[...]
Refraction means you need to rely on more than your eyes
There is always refraction when you look down into the water. The water distorts what you’re trying to see. It[...]
Sunny and Bright Meditation
The introduction from the Sunny and Bright meditation: Have you ever spent a pleasant afternoon poolside in the lounge chair[...]
Balance podcast
Have you ever tried to create professional-looking photography at the pool? It's a challenge. I spoke with Tyler Valencia, the[...]
Vacation Meditation
Need a vacation but can't get away? This guided vacation meditation is the next best thing. Listen to transport yourself[...]
Water Yoga for Fitness Pros
I was excited to talk with Tyler Valencia of The Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists (KIPS) Podcast. Tyler is the[...]