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Sound as an Ally
Sounds are often thought of as barriers to meditation, but they can also be an asset.  Just like your breath[...]
Refraction means you need to rely on more than your eyes
There is always refraction when you look down into the water. The water distorts what you’re trying to see. It[...]
Sunny and Bright Meditation
The introduction from the Sunny and Bright meditation: Have you ever spent a pleasant afternoon poolside in the lounge chair[...]
Balance podcast
Have you ever tried to create professional-looking photography at the pool? It's a challenge. I spoke with Tyler Valencia, the[...]
Vacation Meditation
Need a vacation but can't get away? This guided vacation meditation is the next best thing. Listen to transport yourself[...]
Water Yoga for Fitness Pros
I was excited to talk with Tyler Valencia of The Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists (KIPS) Podcast. Tyler is the[...]
Water Ripples Meditation
A guided meditation for you focused on radiating energy. Try using this next time you're at the pool. An[...]
Chakra podcast
I had a lovely time chatting with Rosanne Nieober of The Chakra Way podcast. This is the perfect episode for[...]
Best resource for Water Yoga
What is water yoga? Water yoga is as simple as it sounds. It’s practicing yoga in the water. It’s a[...]
What’s your posture like when you’re in pain?
Have you ever noticed how your posture changes when you're in pain? When you hurt, you tend to round your[...]
Yoga Flow with Aqua Yoga
I'm very excited to share my conversation with Jo Stewart and Rane Bowen from Garden of Yoga. The Flow Artists[...]
Persistence with aqua yoga
Persistence is a life skill we're all going to need at some point in life. Listen to my conversation with[...]