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Aqua Yoga Safety
A safe practice is a fun practice! Aqua yoga is a very low risk activity but anytime you're around a[...]
Deep Water Aerobics with Yoga
Deep water yoga is very much an alternative practice within the field of aquatics and yoga. To my knowledge, I'm[...]
Aqua Yoga Podcast
I brought aqua yoga to a podcast at Christmas time but that's not really a pool time of year for[...]
Why an Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course
Why an Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Course? Because people living with arthritis need diverse choices for managing their symptoms. Arthritis[...]
Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Research
Unfortunately, there is no research on the benefits of aqua yoga and it's efficacy for arthritis patients compared to aquatic[...]
How to keep your aqua yoga practice going when you can’t make it to the pool
Here in the northern hemisphere, winter is here with a vengeance and you might be feeling frustrated with your practice. [...]
Including Aqua Yoga in Aqua Aerobics Classes
Incorporating the principles of aqua yoga into any aqua aerobics class is possible with a little planning. I was supposed[...]
Kids Aqua Yoga Ideas
Spring is here in Florida and you might be looking for some new things to do with your kids in[...]
Aqua Yoga for Lupus
March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month and May is Lupus Awareness Month.  In support of people living with lupus, and[...]
Floating Meditation Tips
Floating Meditation Tip #1 - See Noise as growth When you’re in the pool trying to meditate and the kids[...]
Review of the Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Exercise Program
As a Certified Yoga for Arthritis Instructor, I'm required to do a certain number of continuing education credits to renew.[...]
How to do Warrior II pose in the pool
This is a tutorial specifically for Warrior II pose. If you'd like more general information about aqua yoga, check out[...]

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