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Benefits of Aqua Yoga Podcast
It can feel like you're the only sparkly rainbow unicorn in a vast forest when you're an aqua yoga teacher.[...]
Water Yoga Do’s and Don’ts
These are a collection of infographics on how to treat parts of your body while you're doing water yoga. A[...]
Aqua Yoga Stickers
Want to express your love for aqua yoga? I made an aqua yoga sticker for you. Right click on the[...]
Aquatic Exercise Arthritis Teaching Tips
Aquatic exercise arthritis teaching tips can be summarized as helping our aqua yoga clients build their best selves despite arthritis.[...]
Aqua Yoga Challenge
This is a collection of the prompts and tutorials used during the aqua yoga challenge in May 2021. If you[...]
What is Aquatic Therapy
According to the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute, aquatic therapy is "the use of water and specifically designed activity by[...]
Aquatic Exercise Hair Care
The #1 barrier to aquatic exercise I hear from women is troubles with their hair. Whether it's they can't get[...]
Interoceptive Aqua Yoga
I was on the latest episode of the YogaPro podcast hosted by Pamela Crane of Interoceptive Performance. The episode is[...]
Aqua Yoga for Arthritis Podcast
How can Water Exercise and Aquatic Yoga help people with Arthritis and rheumatic diseases? On Episode 25 of the Arthritis[...]
Body Image and Aqua Yoga
Anytime you ask a group of women to get in their bathing suits in a public place, body image issues[...]
Aqua Yoga Gift Guide
Need gifts this season for yourself for your aqua yoga practice or a friend or loved one? These items are[...]
Winterize Your Aquatics Instructor Business
2021 has been a tough year for anyone who teaches aquatics. Many pools were closed for the whole summer season[...]