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What to Wear for Aqua Yoga
This is the first installment in creating a comprehensive aqua yoga gear guide for you. All the resources I share[...]
Aqua Yoga Midwest
Aqua Yoga is coming to the Midwest with this new podcast episode.I chatted with Amy Zellmer, publisher of Midwest Yoga[...]
German Aqua Yoga Article
We need aqua yoga resources in more languages! Because of this, I was really excited when Dorothee Baumfalk from @the.writing.yogini[...]
Connected Aqua Yoga Podcast The original show notes: 351: Water Yoga with Christa Fairbrother Water yoga (or aqua yoga) may not be widely[...]
Varicose Veins and Venous Health – What does aqua yoga offer?
Varicose veins and other venous health problems are extremely common. One third of people in the US live with this[...]
Aqua Yoga OM Magazine
What exactly is aqua yoga or water yoga? At its simplest, aqua yoga is moving your yoga practice into the[...]
Aqua Aerobics for Arthritis Podcast
I've been a long time listener of the Those Girls with Arthritis Podcast. It was great we were finally able[...]
Global Healthy Living Foundation
I'm very honored to have been a guest on one of the Global Healthy Living Foundation's podcasts. The GHLF mission[...]
Yoga poses for back pain
According to the CDC, more than one-third of Americans experience back pain every year, some chronically.  That makes back pain[...]
Aqua Yoga 2022 Year in Review
With the release of my book, Water Yoga, in July it was a very busy year in the aqua yoga[...]
Aqua Yoga Gift Guide
Need gifts this season for yourself for your aqua yoga practice or a friend or loved one? These items are[...]
Psoas and Aquatic Exercise
Your iliopsoas muscle is one of the most vital muscles in your body.  Except, it’s probably one of the muscles[...]