The Ultimate Guide to Aqua Yoga

woman doing tree pose in the pool

What is aqua yoga?  Aqua yoga is as simple as it sounds. It’s practicing yoga in the water. It’s a complete yoga practice including asana (poses), pranayama (yoga breathwork), and meditation (done floating) all informed by yoga philosophy. You can do it with or without equipment.  How do you do it?  Aqua yoga can be doing the exact […]

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Yoga Poetry for Class Readings

small image of rocks balanced on top of each other with the ocean in the background to illustrate yoga poetry for class readings

If you’ve joined me for one of my yoga classes at the library, you know I always include a reading in the spirit of the library providing us the space.  I choose the poems with care and are a reflection of that day’s class, perhaps my mood or larger events in the world.  If you […]

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Deep Water Yoga

woman doing three deep water yoga poses

What is Deep Water Yoga Deep water yoga is just what the title implies. Yoga practices in the deep end of a swimming pool. You can combine all the elements of yoga – poses, breathwork, meditation, all 8 limbs – that you would in the shallow end of the pool, in the deep end. What […]

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What is Unpredictable Command Technique and How can it be used in Aqua Yoga

brain illustration floating in water to illustrate unpredictable command technique

Unpredictable Command Technique, UCT, was developed by David Ogden, PT.  He developed these novel techniques to help a client with Parkinson’s disease.  Her condition dramatically improved after implementing this work and it was expanded to be used in group classes.  I took a workshop in UCT at the ATRI Symposium last year and was struck […]

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Using Pool Noodles for Land Yoga

Using Pool Noodles in Your Land Yoga Practice

Last week I posted an article on how to keep your aqua yoga practice going when you can’t make it to the pool.  Sometimes, you have to just throw in the towel and move your practice inside.  If that’s the case, your pool noodles can come with you because they make great land yoga props. […]

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A Year of Abundance

a year of abundance

            The Jewel of Abundance by Ellen Grace O’Brian is a wonderfully clear and concise book about how to lead a richer, more full life with the tools of yoga. Abundance is available to everyone.  While you might feel that way philosophically, you might not have the tools to get […]

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My Birthday Present to You

birthday present

In case you didn’t know I’m a big Tolkien fan.  Hobbits give presents for their birthdays which I think is a lovely tradition.  Today, Thursday the 10th, is my birthday.  In honor of the day, I’m giving you a birthday present in the form of a discount coupon.  You can buy anything: …in my online […]

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My Word for the Year- Courage

word for the year

I used to set New Year’s resolutions like a lot of people.  Like a lot of people, I failed at them, or forgot about them by the end of January.  This year I got intrigued by the idea of picking a word for the year.  Inadvertently, I’ve been doing this before now.  When I got […]

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Yoga 12 Days of Christmas

yoga 12 days of christmas

These posts originally appeared on Facebook as the Yoga 12 Days of Christmas.  They are collected here in one place to be easier to find.  While the theme of these posts was applying these principles to the holidays, yoga truths are universal so use them all year long. Yoga 12 Days of Christmas – Day […]

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Poems to support your yoga practice

poems to support your yoga practice

I teach a bunch of classes in public libraries.  I love teaching in libraries because I can reach people who wouldn’t necessarily ever go to a yoga studio.  They feel the library is more welcoming and more their style.  In support of the overall mission of libraries, I always include a reading in these classes.  […]

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Arthritis Blogs

arthritis blogs

This week was Rheumatic Disease Blog week As a rheumatic disease patient and blogger I was both a participant and spectator.  Some of the other participants I’d interacted with before, but some of the blogs were totally new to me. The huge geographical diversity, different perspectives on disease management and writing styles makes for a […]

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Yoga and neuroplasticity

yoga and neuroplasticity

Have you ever seen a picture of Homunculus man? He’s a visual representation of our bodies based on how much of our brain is dedicated to processing information from those individual body parts.  So our mouth, and our hands take up almost all of our brain’s processing power, while our arms and legs only get […]

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Neuroplasticity from Aqua Yoga

neuroplasticity from aqua yoga

Did you know your feet do a lot more than just hold you up?  Have you ever noticed your feet enough to feel like your brain is actively involved in what they’re doing?   Wikipedia describes neural plasticity as “brain activity associated with a given function can be transferred to a different location.”  I think this […]

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Friday Resource Roundup

resource roundup

I thought I’d try something a little different this month and do a weekly resource roundup. I curate a lot of content every week and this is a recap of the best. Happy reading! Resource Roundup Week #1 How to distinguish the appropriate water workout for yourself. 4 water workouts for health   One patient’s […]

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Beginner’s Mind and Neuroplasticity

beginner's mind

Which posture is better for your brain, Eagle Pose or Extended Mountain Pose?  The answer is of course, it depends.  Like any other organ in our body, our brain responds to our environment and the activities we engage in.  When we repeat tasks we’ve done before, we strengthen existing neural networks.  When we try new […]

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