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Aqua Yoga for Lupus
March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month and May is Lupus Awareness Month.  In support of people living with lupus, and[...]
Exercises for Foot and Ankle Arthritis
May is Arthritis Awareness Month and because your feet and ankles are a common place to get arthritis, I put[...]
Yoga Exercises for Arthritic Hands
May is Arthritis Awareness Month.  As someone who lives with arthritis, and as a yoga teacher who works with others[...]
What Is Private Yoga
What is private yoga? Private yoga sessions are what they sound like.  You select a yoga teacher you have a[...]
Yoga and Chronic Pain Research
          If you've been to a yoga class with me, you might have heard me say[...]
Arthritis Blogs
This week was Rheumatic Disease Blog week As a rheumatic disease patient and blogger I was both a participant and[...]
The Pain Companion – A Book Review
The Pain Companion As a fellow chronic pain warrior and a yoga teacher who works with clients living with pain[...]
Pain and Neuroplasticity
Last week I introduced beginner’s mind as a philosophical practice we can use to restore neural plasticity to a yoga[...]
Yoga Self Care for Autoimmune Diseases
May was both Arthritis and Lupus Awareness Month.  As a person who lives with both these conditions I try to[...]
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Yoga
If you're one of my yoga students, I might have mentioned that I have arthritis or lupus.  That's usually how[...]
There was a time I believed life was over for me…
Yesterday was Rheumatic Disease Awareness Day, #rheumday, sponsored by The Rheumatic Patient Association. Even though I'm very public with my[...]
Thriving with chronic illness
Thriving with chronic illness is a huge part of my life story.  I know what it's like to struggle with[...]

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