May is Arthritis Awareness Month.  As someone who lives with arthritis, and as a yoga teacher who works with others with arthritis, I always focus on how our yoga movements can benefit our skeletal system.  Pain and stiffness in our hands is very common in many different forms of arthritis.  These are two videos of easy, short yoga exercises for arthritic hands that you can implement at any time.

If you don’t live with arthritis, these can be ‘handy’ breaks in the middle of a heavy typing day also.

Spider Walks for finger mobility and brain/body connection

Your hands aren’t used to moving backward, or in opposition to each other.  This exercise will keep your brain engaged while you limber up your joints.

Using tennis balls to improve hand strength

Strong muscles support weak joints so maintaining strength despite arthritis, is important for any joint.

If you liked these yoga exercises for hand arthritis, you might like my infographic on how to stay off your arthritic hands during land yoga. 

Look at my companion article with videos, on yoga exercises for feet and ankles.

My specialty within yoga for arthritis is Aqua Yoga for Arthritis.

I’ve taught 1000’s of people and helped them achieve results that improved their daily lives like:

🧘 getting on and off the floor again

🤻 being able to use the stairs

🚶 ditching the assistive devices

👟 throwing out the sensible shoes

🧎 rehabbing after joint replacements,

🛌 and getting a decent night’s sleep.

And finally, I get to do that for you long-distance too. The Aqua Yoga for Arthritis course is the culmination of hundreds of hours of training geared towards exercise and pain management for arthritis. As well as my lived experience of managing multiple kinds of arthritis through yoga.

Yoga improves arthritis through more than movement and the course gives you a suite of resources to apply the full 8 limbs of yoga. From a professionally produced practice class for the days you feel good and want to build strength and flexibility, to a downloadable workbook for the days when a physical practice isn’t possible. Plus a one on one session to customize all these techniques for your needs and type of arthritis.

The resources are grounded in best practice from the science, in line with yoga philosophy, and approved by regular people bettering their lives with these techniques. I’m really looking forward to working with you.

cover slide for the aqua yoga for arthritis course



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