Yoga Exercises for Arthritic Hands

Title slide for the two yoga exercises for arthritic hands videos

May is Arthritis Awareness Month.  As someone who lives with arthritis, and as a yoga teacher who works with others with arthritis, I always focus on how our yoga movements can benefit our skeletal system.  Pain and stiffness in our hands is very common in many different forms of arthritis.  These are two videos of easy, short yoga exercises for arthritic hands that you can implement at any time.

If you don’t live with arthritis, these can be ‘handy’ breaks in the middle of a heavy typing day also.

Spider Walks for finger mobilbity and brain/body connection

Your hands aren’t used to moving backwards, or in opposition to each other.  This exercise will keep your brain engaged while you limber up your joints.


Using tennis balls to improve hand strength

Strong muscles support weak joints so maintaining strength despite arthrtis, is important for any joint.

If you’re interested in working with me to improve your arthritis symptoms, you can book private sessions, or join me in group classes HERE

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Look for my companion article, on yoga exercises for feet and ankles in two weeks.

Woman seated doing yoga exercises for arthritic hands


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