I’m very excited to share my conversation with Jo Stewart and Rane Bowen from Garden of Yoga. The Flow Artists podcast features inspiring conversations from yoga teachers from around the world. I was thrilled to talk about how to flow with aqua yoga with them.

Here are the original show notes for the episode:

“Christa is an active member of the accessible yoga community and she is also a dedicated teacher of aqua yoga.

Christa deals with chronic pain from multiple auto-immune conditions and found that aqua yoga to be a joyful and supportive practice that doesn’t aggravate her pain, cause excess fatigue or overwhelm her.

Christa has recently written a book: Water Yoga: a teachers guide, which will be released July 2022.

In this wonderful conversation, we talk about how she brings yoga philosophy to the pool, the types of props she uses in her classes, alternative options for people who don’t feel comfortable in a swimsuit, and some of the other differences in approach between yoga in the pool and yoga on a mat.”

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