Yoga for Arthritis Training at Yogaville

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Meditating at the top of Mt. Kailash while looking down at the LOTUS shrine


I had such a great time at the Yoga for Arthritis training at Yogaville I’m calling this my first trip.

The training covered modifying classes to fit all abilities, yoga for arthritis research, and anatomy.  The group of trainees was really collegial and everyone brought unique contributions to the sessions.  All three trainers had a wealth of experience that they were very generous in sharing.

Yogaville itself is a magical place since how many places can you visit entirely devoted to yoga?  The staff were all very helpful.  Never having been, I was very impressed by the LOTUS shrine and seeing it illuminated by the light of the blue moon from Mt. Kailash was a highlight.

I’m really looking forward to applying what I learned to my own practice as well as in classes.  Stay tuned!

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Lord Nataraja Shrine at the top of Mt. Kailash

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You can read how I’ve applied these techniques for myself and my clients in my post on Yoga for Arthritic Hands HERE.


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