Yoga Love Missives

 A customizable yoga art journal to expand your practice

A journaling practice will help you learn about yourself

 It's a nudge to explore your practice in new ways. We can get in practice ruts and sometimes a little prodding helps us make new progress.

 It's encouragement to express your creativity - whether it's art, journaling, or a new funky yoga idea.

It's an opportunity to stay connected with your practice and with others - living through these times is hard and we don't have a playbook for how to do this.

It's continuity in your practice - You might not be attending public classes and Zoom is not working for you. This is a way to continue to connect with your practice on your own whether or not you attend class.

What's in the Yoga Love Missives Journal

The Yoga Love Missives Journal is 46 pages of the best essays and yoga reflections I've produced in the last five years

Customized graphics

I designed and drew all the artwork for the book.  The intention is you get to finish it and make it your own.  Break out your art supplies for some mindful creativity.

Actionable content

The content is practical, actionable prompts you can use to improve your yoga practice.

Different styles

Multiple journaling formats so it will work for you.

Prompts that get you thinking

Essays worth reading and perfect graphics for when a blank page is too intimidating.

Apply fierce kindness to your life 

cover of the yoga love missives book showing a mermaid tail and waves

Available in digital or printed formats

The digital format comes with two covers so you get to choose what inspires you.  The spiral bound edition makes it easy for you to get started.

Bring some creativity to your yoga practice

You can't make it to the mat or pool everyday but you can work yoga into the other small moments of your day.  Add some sparkle to your practice.

Buy the version that works for you

The 46-page Yoga Love Missives Journal is available as a PDF download or a spriral bound edition

an excerpt


That’s how waves are on the seashore, and that’s how your thoughts are too. You can’t stop your thoughts any more than you can hold back the waves.  Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts. Meditation is about creating a little space between your thoughts. You’re trying to get them to slow down ever so slightly.

Can you create the right conditions for that to happen? Just like the waves are different on different beaches or with more or less wind. How can you create the right conditions to change the pace of your thoughts?

woman standing on the beach with her arms open welcoming people into the aqua yoga teacher mentorship program
Christa Fairbrother

Yoga isn't just a physical practice. 

As a former art educator, I believe creativity belongs in yoga.

Applying your analytical, emotional, and creative selves to your practice  involves all of you in your practice.

Your practice will always turn out just how it was meant to be.