My sutra for classes this month is III.10 “The restraint of rising impressions brings about an undisturbed flow of tranquility.”  We’ve talked a lot about not responding to, or slowing down the internal negative thought stream we all face.  Tranquility can be a state we achieve with a little mental space or peace and quiet.  We practiced several types of meditation as tools for encouraging this calm mental state.  I worked up a journaling sheet for organizing my thoughts on it.


private yoga teacher st petersburg, yoga sutra III.10 tranquility

Sutra Journaling III.10 Tranquility



When I sat down to work on this my kids were really interested in what I was doing and each ended up doing one of their own also.   We had a great conversation about controlling your thoughts while playing sports to stay focused on your goals.  

sutra journaling III.10, private yoga teacher st petersburg

sutra journaling III.10 tranquility, private yoga teacher st petersburg











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If you’d like more of these journaling ideas:

I did a post about sutra 2.39, acknowledging abudance, which you can read HERE.

I also did a post on sutra 4.4, keys to radiance, which you can read HERE.

If you have any sutra requests leave a comment.  I’d love an excuse to do more of these.




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